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Richard, Precision Auto Customer Since 2006

Richard recounts his experiences with Precision Auto over the years and explains how well they treat their customers. 

"They appreciate your car and they appreciate you"."

Richard’s been a loyal customer of Precision Auto for over 18 years, in fact, he was the first customer within the West Springfield location, and can't recommend the shop enough, “When I first started looking for a mechanic, I wanted someone I could trust and who was reasonably priced, Precision Auto is exactly that, and I wouldn't go anywhere else.” 


Safety and Reliability 

For most people, going on a road trip can cause anxiety, especially if you aren’t sure that your car’s been well maintained but for Richard, he has little concern due to Precision’s top care and Auto Repair Warranty, “When I go on a road trip, I know my car is going to make it and that it's been done right. When I leave my car (for maintenance), I know it's going to be worked on perfectly,” he says. 


Foresight and Respect

Richard also appreciates how Precision is transparent and gives customers realistic timetables on when subsequent vehicle issues need to be addressed. “One of the things that sets Precision Auto apart is that they tell you in advance what's coming up. They don't lay it all on you right away. They never try to upsell you here. They tell you what needs to be done in advance, so you have time, they don't try to push it on you,” says Richard. In addition to a call or conversation, Precision also sends each customer a Precision Digital Multipoint Inspection, a vehicle text message report system.


Precision Auto has become like family to Richard and knows that they always treat their customers well and take pride in their work, “They are absolutely phenomenal, the way they treat you. They appreciate your car and they appreciate you. Precision Auto is trustworthy, reasonably priced, and they take care of your car. I highly recommend them.”

Precision Digital Multipoint Inspection


At Precision Auto, we're always looking for ways to improve our customer's experience and transparency in our repair process, that's why we're proud to offer a Precision Digital Multipoint Inspection, our vehicle text message report system. This innovative feature allows you to receive your car's health report right on your phone. No more waiting for the mail or trying to remember when your last maintenance check was.


As a Precision Auto customer, you'll automatically gain access to our Digital Multipoint Inspection feature and receive regular updates on your car's health. We'll keep you informed about everything from your tire pressure to your engine health. This feature is incredibly convenient, easy to use, very transparent, and comes at no additional cost to all customers at Precision Auto Repair

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