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What Sets Us Apart

Payment Plans

Repairs rarely come up when you’re prepared for them. They can create a huge inconvenience and if you haven’t set aside money for them it can make the situation much worse. This is why we have teamed up with a lender that specializes in Financing Auto Repairs to meet the needs of people with good and bad credit. There are even some plans available for people with excellent credit that will allow well qualified individuals the opportunity to take up to 12 months Same As Cash. Learn more about this here.

Precision Digital Multi-point Inspection

At Precision Auto, we are always looking for ways to improve our customer's experience, that's why we're proud to offer Precision Digital Multipoint Inspection, our vehicle text message report system. This innovative feature allows you to receive your car's health report right on your phone. No more waiting for the mail or trying to remember when your last maintenance check was.


As a Precision Auto customer, you'll automatically gain access to our Digital Multipoint Inspection feature and receive regular updates on your car's health. We'll keep you informed about everything from your tire pressure to your engine health. This feature is incredibly convenient, easy to use and very transparent. 


Sometimes the vehicle will just need to be towed in. In this case we will make all the arrangements to get your vehicle here as quickly as possible to ensure that it’s completed as quickly as possible.

Free Reminder Program

Precision Auto Repair will send you an e mail to remind you when your vehicle is due for periodic service or any other required maintenance or repair.

Online Self-Scheduling

It’s just as simple as clicking here and one of our staff will confirm your appointment. Schedule your appointment today!

Dealer Extended Warranty Service

Have an extended dealer warranty? We are approved by most Dealer Extended Warranty companies to do any needed repairs. You pay your deductible, (if applicable) and we will bill the warranty company, it’s that easy.

Free Computerized Work History

Precision Auto Repair also tracks the history of your vehicle’s service. At your request, we will provide you with a print-out of all services Precision Auto Repair has performed on your vehicle. This will help you keep track of warranties, purchases and repairs and can be used for tax purposes or when you sell your vehicle

Free Manufacturer's 

Maintenance Schedule

Preventive maintenance is the key to ensuring lower and less frequent repair bills. At your request, Precision Auto Repair will provide you with a print-out of your vehicle’s manufacturer recommended maintenance schedule.

Free Wireless Internet – WI-FI

Our store has free wireless internet for our customer’s use so you can work while you wait.


At Precision Auto Repair we stand behind our repairs. We do this by using only the highest quality parts, installed by trained technicians, and back it all up with a 3 Year, 36,000 mile, nationwide warranty and free,12 month, roadside assistance on most repairs. Click here to see our warranty breakdown.

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