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Subaru Repair

For expert Subaru Repair in West Springfield, MA. Subaru owners turn to the trusted experts at Precision Auto Repair in West Springfield, MA. Subaru Head Gasket Repair Experts!

Subaru has coined the phrase “Confidence in Motion”. What this means to most Subaru Owners is confidence in the reliability, performance, and ultimately the resale of their Subaru.


The Subaru Repair Technicians here at Precision Auto Repair want to help ensure that you take full benefit of the peace of mind your Subaru offers. We have the training and experience to see that this happens for years to come.


You want to make sure you trust your Subaru Service issues to the experts at Precision Auto Repair. We then back our expertise with a 3 year 36,000 mile Nationwide warranty and Free 12 month roadside assistance.

Need Subaru Head Gaskets in West Springfield, MA? Look no further, We're experts and have thousands of successful Subaru Head Gasket Repairs to show for it.

Subaru Repair in West Springfield, MA

There are factory-recommended service intervals for your Subaru. Relying upon these intervals will only help you get the maximum life out of your Subaru. Driving conditions in MA, along with your individual driving style, will dictate how often you should perform the routine Subaru maintenance tasks.


Repairs can often be avoided with routine maintenance, and Precision Auto Repair is well-equipped to advise you on the best maintenance schedule for your Subaru. At Precision Auto Repair in West Springfield MA , our history and success has been built on our knowledge of foreign automobiles and our commitment to Subaru Repair excellence.

A large number of people believe you must have your Subaru Service performed at an Subaru Dealership. If not, you will void your new car warranty. This is not true based on the Magnuson-Moss Act. They also believe the technicians at the dealership should be better able to handle their service issues. This is also not always the case. If you want to keep your Subaru running at its peak performance, it’s important to trust its Subaru Repair work to the experts at Precision Auto Repair who care. We’ve not only worked on countless foreign cars during our business lifetime, we believe in the importance of the safety and reliability of your car. When it comes to your car, contact Precision Auto Repair in West Springfield MA for your Subaru Repair needs.

We have been serving Subaru owners in West Springfield MA since 2005, and we are certain we can help you with any of your Subaru Repairs. When you bring your Subaru to us, our objective is to get you back on the road as quickly as possible with the least amount of hassle. From simple oil changes to handling more serious Subaru Repair issues such as Subaru Head Gasket Replacement or Subaru Head Gasket Repair, our technicians have the up-to-date training and state-of-the-art equipment for quick and accurate Subaru Repair. We then back this up with a 3 year 36,000 mile Nationwide warranty and free 12 month roadside assistance.

Subaru Owners also care about the environment. Fortunately for them Subaru prides itself on doing it’s part by building vehicles that not only meet, but exceed national low emissions standards. Subaru also cares so deeply for the environment that their manufacturing plant in Lafayette, Indiana also does it’s part to help. An excerpt from the Subaru website stated “In 2006, SIA was awarded the United States Environmental Protection Agency´s Gold Achievement Award as a top achiever in the agency’s WasteWise program to reduce waste and improve recycling.” The website also stated that “It also became the first U.S. automotive assembly plant to be designated a wildlife habitat.”

The best way to minimize more serious breakdowns and the higher costs associated with Subaru Repair issues is through preventative maintenance. Subaru Service and maintenance schedules are designed to make sure your car is well lubricated and running in its best condition.


Taking an active role in the maintenance of your Subaru is necessary to protect not only your investment but to also help you avoid costly repairs as well as optimize your Subaru’s performance, safety and fuel efficiency. We also help to keep you informed with our Free Reminder Program .

Want to know more about what we can do for you? Check out our “What Sets Us Apart From Our Competition” page.

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