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Kiley, Precision Auto Customer Since 2022

Kiley recounts her first experience with Precision Auto as a new driver and explains why she won't go anywhere else. 

"They go the furthest length to make sure I'm safe"

Kiley loves to take her 2014 Chevy Cruise out for long drives early in the morning and late at night to listen to the birds. 


When she was out driving one morning during one of her cruises, she noticed fluid leaking and was worried, “I am not that experienced with cars,” she said. Kiley's parents immediately recommended Precision Auto and have been loyal customers of theirs for a long time, “My parents have trusted Precision for years and years,” she mentioned, "so I trusted their recommendation."



Kiley was nervous about going to the automotive shop alone at first, but immediately felt welcomed by the team, “they calmed me down right away and we got it figured out.” The staff at Precision Auto quickly diagnosed the problem as a gas leak and Kiley felt confident in the team’s expertise. “The fuel injector lines were clogged,” she explained,” I didn’t have to question if they knew what to do, they were very reassuring.”



More importantly, in addition to trusting the team with her car’s leak, she feels that they, “always go the furthest length to make sure that I am safe and warranty their work!” Kiley is grateful that her parents recommended Precision Auto and has been confident on visiting the shop on her own now, “I come in on my own accord and am taken care of as if I was my mom (or an older adult) which is very calming,” she notes. 


After the fuel injector lines were fixed, during her first experience, Kiley's car was running smoothly and she was happy that she could continue to take her car out for long drives early in the morning to listen to the birds again. Kiley has since been back to Precision for numerous maintenance visits and knows that if she ever has any car concern, Precision Auto is the best place to go.

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