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Boys Under The Hood


Boys Under The Hood

Let’s face it, there’s a lot to know about Auto Repair. When people hear a noise while driving down the road or a light pops up on their dash it can be very unnerving. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to ask a Master Automotive Technician for advice?


How about a Master Automotive Technician with well over 20 years’ experience? Well you’re in luck because James Stephenson, President/Precision Auto Repair is here to bring you Boys Under The Hood.

Boys Under The Hood Podcast

Everyday cars break down and if you don’t have a relationship with a Mechanic that you trust, when something goes wrong you can find yourself scrambling to try and scour the internet for suggestions on how to fix your issue. The problem with this is that much like going to WebMd when you have a belly ache, blindly checking the internet to find a solution to your issue can lead you in the complete wrong direction and leave you with more anxiety than you had when the issue first began.

Others head down to a local part store and have a “Code Pulled” (beware!!!). This is one of the worst things you can possibly do if you intend to fix your vehicle quickly without wasting time and money. The part store simply gives a list of possible parts to replace and then sells you the parts that you then have to install. If the part doesn’t fix the issue, you buy more parts. When the new part fails, you have to replace it again.

“This is exactly like going to Home Depot and telling them that you have a squeaky floor so the associate sells you new flooring for the entire house. After you buy all of the tools and supplies you need to replace all of the flooring and then carve away time to actually replace it all. You still have the squeak because the noise was a loose vent in the basement that just needed to be re secured.”  – James Stephenson, President/ Precision Auto Repair

In most cases the part store associate also unknowingly clears data that Automotive Technicians rely on to help properly diagnose the issues. This can make actual diagnosis time much longer and cost you much more in the long run.

You Have Free Professional Help Available

Now we want you to know that you’re always welcome to call the office (413.363.0306) if you have an issue and are looking for answers. But the reality is that during a normally busy day it can be tough to  get one of our Master Technicians on the phone to speak to you.

This is why we created Boys Under The Hood. Every week we answer listener’s questions to help inform them about their vehicle and in some cases, the repair process.

Have a noise over bumps that’s worrying you? Ask us about it!Did you get advice from a friend about a repair but want a second opinion? Tell us about it!

Have a question you think is “stupid” and you’re too embarrassed to ask? Ask anyways and tell us not to use your name


Waiting on Repairs Can Cost You More

Here at Precision Auto Repair we're firm believers in the fact that Auto Repairs cost less when spotted early. Preventive Maintenance is the key to lower repair bills.

Below are some examples of customers that waited a little too long....

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