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Rust prevention tips

It’s no secret that Weather in Western Massachusetts can be tough on your vehicle. From pot holes that are large enough to make you question whether there was a meteor strike the night before all the way through to temperatures ranging from -10 degrees one day then 75 degrees the next.

The frame on this GMC truck is rotted straight through. On the bottom right you can see the plow mount. This is an accident waiting to happen

This ford focus had holes large enough to put your entire hand right into the car

What does this mean for your car? The most common reason we see for a customer to get rid of their vehicle is due to rot and rust. If a car or truck is literally rotting away at the body and frame, it’s rarely going to be a wise investment for the customer to sink even $1 into it for mechanical repairs. All of this rot and rust is generally due to the road treatments, temperature change, and lack of preventive maintenance. If these issues are spotted early enough it’s simple to prevent them from spreading.

Wash your car after winter storms

When bad weather is expected the salt and sand on the roads are heavy and loose. After the storm, most of that has been melted down into the road or pushed out of the way. The problem here is that the treatment will find it’s way onto the undercarriage of your vehicle and create big problems in the coming years. Make sure when you take a trip through the car wash that you’re utilizing the high pressure wash for the bottom of the vehicle too.

Wax your car when the seasons change

I know this can sound like a difficult task but with the advancement in the quality of wax these days, it’s simple to get a high quality coat of wax on your vehicle in a short amount of time. In the shop we use this wax. It goes on and off nice and easy while giving you a wonderfully deep shine. The more frequently you wax, the easier it gets.

Here’s another angle of the Ford Focus. This one is really just beyond repair

“What do I do if I have some rust on the frame?”

When we see vehicles come into the shop with rust that’s just starting we take appropriate steps to help prevent it from spreading by using this spray. Think about a rusted bolt. If you wanted to try to breakdown the rust you would soak the bolt in penetrating oil. This is the same principle. We use this spray on all pivot points, brake lines, the frame, and any other areas that become problematic. There’s really no technique here, just spray it on and leave it. Some may drip so if you’re doing this at home and don’t want to stain your driveway just put some cardboard down. Do this 1-2 times every year. I personally do it before and after winter.

“What can I do for some surface rust on my frame?”

If your vehicle is new enough or “clean” enough sometimes you can just use a paint that’s meant to treat light rust. For this we use a stiff wire brush and clean the area so that the paint will adhere and use this paint. No need to go crazy here. Just a nice light coat will work just fine. Then when you wax your car with the change of seasons, just be sure to take a look around under there and touch up anything that might need attention.

This is a picture of a Ford F450 that got bad enough to rot holes in the frame from the inside out

It’s definitely much easier to prevent rust than it is to repair or treat rust. Feel free to give us a call with any questions at 413.363.0306, or to schedule an appointment feel free to schedule online today.

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