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Fighting CoronaVirus

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Precision Auto Repair helps fight the CoronaVirus

The CoronaVirus is on everyone’s mind these days. Here at Precision Auto Repair we understand the fear many of you have. We have had several meetings with our staff members and local Doctors to make sure that we are taking all the proper steps to fight the virus.

We have taken aggressive steps to prevent the spread of any bacteria by sanitizing all highly touched building surfaces multiple times a day. Followed by a deep cleaning once a day. We then have logs available to the public showing what was cleaned and at what time. These logs are posted on all entrances and bathroom doors to ensure easy visibility.

Not only are all of our Technicians now required to wear a fresh set of gloves each time they handle your keys or get into your car, we will now make sure that we not only clean but also disinfect all areas of your car that we come in contact with. While also making sure that your car is cleaned and sanitized before it’s returned to you.

Deep Cleaning of Your Vents

We are also offering a deep cleaning of your vehicle’s air conditioner and heater vent system. This is an area where bacteria can grow, if untreated. We are offering this service to anyone at our cost. In general, this service takes about 30 minutes. No profit will be made as we will be doing this as a public service. 

In addition, if you’re staying home and need service performed on your car, we will gladly pick it up and make sure it’s cleaned and sanitized before it’s returned.

For more information please call 413.363.0306. To schedule, please click here.

We care about you, and want you to be as healthy as possible to fight this, and any virus.

James Stephenson / President, Precision Auto

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