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Coats For Cars 2017

The warm weather is fading away in our rear view mirror and the temperatures are starting to drop. This means only one thing….. The start of our second annual

Coats For Cars Coat Drive!

Last year with your help we collected a total of 237 lightly used jackets to benefit Friends Of The Homeless in Springfield, MA. This year, together we will do even better.

The second annual Coats For Cars will now benefit the West Springfield Public School System. They have expressed a very serious need for new and lightly used;

  1. Jackets

  2. Sweatshirts

  3. Winter Hats

  4. Gloves

As far as size is concerned the West Springfield Public School System has said that the most significant need is for sizes that will fit Middle School and High School students.

Why should you help us with Coats For Cars?

Aside from the immediate gratification you get from giving to help those less fortunate we have something else for you. For everyone that donates we give them 10% off their entire bill (max discount of $100).

Simply donate one of the items listed above when you bring your vehicle in for a needed repair or scheduled service and take 10% off your bill. It’s just that simple!

Don’t need a discount?

Thats fine too. If you want to help but don’t need a discount please feel free to stop in, say hello, and drop off your donation at the shop M-F 7:30am – 5pm.

Please take a minute to look in your closet or basement and consider donating some of the items listed above that you can afford to part with. You will be helping to change someone’s life by doing something as simple as donating things you forgot you even had.

This program ends Friday December 1st


Last year I was fortunate enough to be able to help with Precision’s Coats for cars coat drive. I brought in a few coats that my family and I had been wearing the year before when we got new ones. The coat drive also came at a great time for us because our main family car started making a horrible grinding noise when I would turn or step on the brakes. It was actually pretty scary! Turns out I needed brakes and by helping to donate to this coat drive I was able to save a few bucks off something I already needed anyways. To be clear, I didn’t donate for the discount but I wasn’t going to turn down Precision’s generous offer. I’ve been a customer of theirs for about 3 years now and we have 3 cars. I always find that James and his staff are very helpful, thoughtful, and reasonable. I’m proud to see all that they do to help everyone in our area. Repair shops and most businesses in general don’t do a fraction of what these people do and I will continue to support them and their fantastic programs.

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