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BMW noise when braking while turning

Noises can be a tough issue to diagnose. I always tell the staff “90% of diagnosing any issue correctly is verifying the customer’s concern”.

In this case this customer had an issue with a loud banging noise from under the vehicle when turning and braking. They had an initial BMW Repair performed at another local shop that ultimately just replaced all 4 wheel brakes and performed an alignment. None of which fixed the customer’s issue and cost him somewhere around $2,000. He went back to them again and the shop suggested replacing shocks and struts for another $2,000 (sounds fair INSANE).

The customer ended up bringing his BMW Service to us based on some positive reviews that he had read and a recommendation from a co worker (spoiler alert, we didn’t disappoint). We took a ride with the customer to actually verify the noise. Then one of our Master Technicians pulled the car in for inspection. This is what we saw in about 1 minute:

Broken transmission support. It’s literally broken right in half

That’s a picture of the portion of the frame that supports the entire transmission. When the customer would step on the brakes and slow down the car would downshift and the entire transmission would bang against the body of the car. We replaced the support and mount within 1 day and had the customer back on the road with the problem resolved.

Fortunately for this customer the story ended well. Our only regret for them is that they spent $2,000 prior to coming to Precision Auto Repair to replace things that were perfectly fine and almost paid another $2,000 to replace shocks and struts on their BMW 335 for no reason whatsoever. Yet another reason we don’t trust diagnosis done by anyone except for our skilled and trained Technicians.

  “It’s all true, they took me right in, took care of the problem, and it only cost a few hundred bucks. The staff was really friendly and everyone seemed to know what they were talking about at all times. It put me right at ease and it’s not a bad feeling when you actually get what you’re paying for. I’ll never go anywhere else. Thanks for all of your efforts.

Don T.

East Longmeadow, MA

James Stephenson

President/ Precision Auto Repair and Sales

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