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Best Auto Repair in West Springfield MA

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Dodge Wheel Bearing Repair

“Can you tell me how much it will cost to fix my brakes?” We received a call from a new customer late last week. His truck was making a grinding noise and a friend that works at a local dealership had told him he needed brakes and did the job for him. After the repair the noise was there and so was the need for a second opinion. He ended up finding us after asking around and searching “Best Auto Repair in West Springfield MA“.

The truck came in early in the morning. It’s always customary for one of our Technicians to take a ride with a customer to verify noises. We never want to end up in a situation where we hear a different noise, find a problem, and end up repairing a totally different noise that the customer wasn’t concerned about in the first place. That would be embarrassing…. not to mention a waste of time and money. Fortunately the Technician and the customer heard the noise before even leaving our parking lot.

The next step was to get a look at the suspension and brakes. After a short inspection the Technician found that while the brakes were new and installed correctly, the bearing that the brakes

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Dodge Suspension Repair

Since the wheel was already off for the inspection this Dodge Wheel Bearing Repair was actually pretty simple. We just unbolted the old bearing and bolted a new one in place. Seeing as how the repair was unexpected this customer wasn’t financially prepared for the repair. Fortunately he was able to take advantage of our 90 Day 0% Payment Option for Auto Repairs.

The customer was in and out within a couple of hours and his repair came with our 3 year 36,000 Nationwide Warranty. When asked why he didn’t call us first he said “I thought it was going to cost more using a shop, looks like I was wrong.”

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K. Jenson

West Springfield, MA

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