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Oil Change in West Springfield, MA

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Oil Change

Best place for an Oil Change in West Springfield, MA

It’s no secret that we all want to drive our cars as long as possible, staying as safe as possible, while spending as little as possible, and ultimately have no breakdowns. The truth is that with very little planning this is a very realistic goal for every one of you. But if you are one of the many that think by just getting an Oil Change a few times every year that is going to help you reach this goal, we're sorry to say that you won’t.


Our experience shows that the customer that only gets an Oil Change once or twice every year and doesn’t perform any other maintenance will pay up to 5x more (based on ownership up to 150,000 miles) to keep their car running safely than someone that follows the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule.

Jay B

“Everyone here was great. The office staff was easy to deal with and helped me with my problem. The techs diagnosed my issues quickly and went over the car front to back. Would bring any of my cars there.."

Carlo P

"I feel they are as knowledgeable as any dealership service garage, but with a much more reasonable cost!."

Dyllan F

“The staff there is amazing and I will absolutely be bringing my car back there as well as any future cars..”

Oil Change in West Springfield, MA

Cars are definitely built a lot better than they were years ago. They’re much more efficient and are built to much stricter specifications which typically means that they won’t burn through fluids, last longer, and can go longer between services. With that said, the life blood of your engine is the oil. It's always best to check your oil when you fill your gas tank. This helps monitor the condition and level of the oil regularly so you can spot an issue before it becomes a major problem.

Factory Scheduled Maintenance

The manufacturer that built your vehicle came up with a plan for your vehicle to ensure that you will have worry free driving so that you will stay loyal to the brand you drive and ultimately buy another one in the future. Your vehicle’s specific plan or "K Service Schedule" will vary based on the vehicle you drive and based on driving conditions. The plan can be found in the Owners Manual. If you need information for a specific vehicle, feel free to call us and we can get that for you. 


Every single day we get a few calls from people that are asking for a price for a “Tune Up”. The problem here is that years ago a Tune Up would fix about 90% of the issues a vehicle could have, but that’s no longer the case. When these people are calling it’s typically because they have fallen behind with their "K Services" and have developed an issue that needs to be addressed and most people are under the impression that a “Tune Up” will fix whatever is broken.


The K Service Schedule is found in your Owner's Manual and will lay out an exact plan as to when to change all fluids, filters, spark plugs, timing belt, and any other serviceable components. In addition it allows our Factory Trained Technicians a chance to properly inspect a list of other areas detailed on the Schedule. If your Service has lapsed the process is still simple, we figure out what’s been missed and bring it up to date. How does this benefit you?


This is a question most people ask themselves when making any decision. The answer is simple, by performing these K Services and following the schedule laid out by the manufacturer of your vehicle it does a few things for you.

First, it keeps your factory warranty current. that’s correct, You do not need to go to the dealer to keep your factory warranty current. plus our average customer saves about 20% under what the dealer charges for the exact same service.

Next, you get a safe running vehicle. With all of these mileage based services there are various points of inspection on the vehicle that we check. We can quickly assess the immediate condition as well as being able to spot any other issues on the horizon before they become a problem. This way it allows you to plan.

Last, is that when your vehicle is running it’s best not only are you going to have many miles of worry free driving but you’ll also have better fuel economy. In addition when you decide to sell or trade your vehicle, having all of the up to date maintenance records will really help the resale value.

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Waiting on Repairs Can Cost You More

Here at Precision Auto Repair we're firm believers in the fact that Auto Repairs cost less when spotted early. Preventive Maintenance is the key to lower repair bills.

Below are some examples of customers that waited a little too long....

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