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Brakes in West Springfield, MA

brake job west springfield ma brake pads

Brake Repair

Voted Valley Advocate "Best place for a Brake Job"

A vehicle’s brake system can sometimes be viewed as a complex system, and in some cases they truly are. Especially with terms like ABS, ESP, Traction Control, Composite Rotors, and many more. That’s why it’s important to trust your Brake Repair to the trained professionals at Precision Auto Repair in West Springfield, MA

To simplify this a little more it’s important to talk about the most replaced part in your brake system, the brake pads. The brake pads wear every single time you step on the brakes – sort of like using a pencil with an eraser, when it’s used it wears down.

Basically the caliper will push the pads against the rotor when you step on the brake and it slows the car down. That’s what you see, but there’s a whole lot happening behind the scenes to make sure that happens each and every single time. You also want to ensure that the brakes are always maintained properly to ensure you get the most life out of them.

Some vehicles still use a system called Drum Brakes. It’s still the same principle (when you step on the brake pedal the vehicle slows down) but operates a little bit differently. So instead of pushing the the brake pads in, the brake shoes are pushed outward against a brake drum.

Brakes in West Springfield, MA

The brakes on your vehicle should be checked by a trained Technician at least once per year. This way it will be possible to spot a minor issue before it becomes a major one. Some warning signs to watch out for are;

  • Brake Squealing

  • Brake Grinding

  • Brake light

  • ABS light

  • Traction Control Light (this will vary from vehicle to vehicle)

  • Shaking when slowing down

  • Soft brake Pedal

  • Low Brake Pedal

  • Low Brake Fluid

  • Brake pad warning light

Should you have any of the above happening in your vehicle it’s important to schedule an appointment to have your vehicle looked at today.

Brake Inspection in West Springfield, MA

The brake pad backing plate wore directly through the disc portion of the rotor

When your vehicle comes into our shop for a brake inspection the first thing we do is drive the vehicle. We’re looking for any irregularities in the brake system that you might not be noticing. The next step is hoisting the vehicle on one of our lifts and removing the wheels. We’re not only looking at the brake pad (or brake shoe) condition but we’re looking at everything that makes them work. Such as the brake master cylinder, brake rotors (measuring thickness and runout), brake drums, vacuum hoses, ABS pump, brake lines, brake hoses, emergency brake, brake calipers, and much more. This all may sound complex, but it’s pretty simple stuff for us simply because we’re properly trained and we do it every single day.

In addition to performing a proper Brake Inspection we also perform a complimentary 55 Point Vehicle Inspection. This inspection will check various areas in your vehicle such as lights, maintenance, steering and suspension, tires, exhaust, belts, hoses, engine components, and much more. The object here it to ensure that you have a firm grasp on the overall condition of your vehicle so that you can make a well informed decision on whether to repair or not repair your vehicle.

Brake Job in West Springfield, MA

Once the inspection is complete, one of our staff will call and explain our detailed findings and the plan for your vehicle. Should you require Brake Pad Replacement, we can assure you that you’re in good hands!


Our Brake Job starts by using the best possible parts available and come backed by our Nationwide Warranty (no way we could offer this with low quality parts). The brake are then installed by our Trained Technicians using a very specific method that we have found ensures our average customer’s brakes last up to 20% longer. The average brake job takes about a few hours.

Want to know more about what we can do for you? Check out our “What Sets Us Apart From Our Competition” page.

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Waiting on Repairs Can Cost You More

Here at Precision Auto Repair we're firm believers in the fact that Auto Repairs cost less when spotted early. Preventive Maintenance is the key to lower repair bills.

Below are some examples of customers that waited a little too long....

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